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Drag and drop the highest quality samples and easily make your tracks sound like the pro's!
  • Ready-to-use high quality samples are the biggest difference between amateurs and the pro's
  • Experiment with different combinations of samples and craft a unique sound
  • Find sounds in this pack that are HIT-READY and used by the biggest names in the scene!
  • With 50 highly tweak-able presets for Serum, you will always have a sound that is exactly what you need
  • Easily sound like the biggest names in the game such as Topic, VIZE, VINAI, Alok and more!
  • Don't spend hours fine-tuning a sample, drag-and-drop a Car Music Vol. 4 sample instead


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Artists and labels that released songs that include our sounds!

What's the number 1 reason your sound isn't perfect?

Most producers think that it's:

  • Not mixing or mastering their track correctly
  • Not spending enough time on a track
  • Needing money for better gear and plugins

But that's not the real secret. The real secret is using the right sounds. This is what all the pro's have access to, and what they aren't telling you.

If you think about it, it's better to start with something great, instead of trying to make a terrible sample sound okay. It will never be as good.

The solution? Car Music Vol. 4

We think nothing should be kept secret.

  • Easy-access to hundreds of industry-standard sounds
  • No longer needed to go through a million splice samples...
  • Spend all your time on being creative

Car Music Vol. 4 is simply the best Slap House and Brazilian Bass pack in the world. Choose from hundreds of drum and effects samples. Including the best, hard hitting kicks, and effects to add that energy your track really needs.

With 50 hand-crafted presets for Serum and variety between fresh, unique sounds and well-known proven sounds used by charting DJs.


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What the pro's say!


DJ Mag #40, billions of streams, collabs with VIZE, Steve Aoki. Plays main stage Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival + hundreds of millions of streams!
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Merk & Kremont

Tracks with Joe Jonas (DNCE), remixes for Avicii, MNEK (Head & Heart), Lauv & more! 100M++ Streams!
“Crazy Bass & Synths presets ready to use!”


DJ Mag #26, 1 BILLION streams on all platforms. Collabs with Afrojack, Hardwell. They play Mainstage Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival.
“These packs are very good quality and can help a lot in the productions as almost every preset is ready to use without major EQ or work needed once imported in the project! ”


Known from "Lovefool" - #1 hit in 25+ countries! 200M+ on Spotify
“These packs are amazing! 🔥 ”

What do you get inside the Car Music Vol. 4 pack?

Listen to songs created with only samples and presets from the Car Music Vol. 4 pack:
  • over 200 total files and infinite combinations (plenty of choice of ready to use samples and serum presets)
  • 75 drum samples (kicks, claps, snares, cymbals and percussion to secure a solid foundation in your tracks)
  • 25 effect samples (risers, downlifters, impacts and more! All to drive the energy in your tracks)
  • 50 hand-crafted Serum presets (basses, leads, pad synths and more, everything to keep your track spicy)
  • 3 epic song kits (Vocals!!! MIDI, Presets and Stems, all 100% royalty free)
  • 13 of our famous drum and synth fills (as heard in many new slap house tracks, our fills give an instant introduction to your drop)
  • 100% royalty-free sounds and samples!
  • Compatible with all DAWs (Both Mac and PC, also compatible with Mac M1 Silicon)


For 68% OFF NOW!

Check out some crazy sounds yourself!

    A selection of the basses

    A quick selection of the many big bass sounds included in the Car Music Vol. 4 Pack!

    Serum Preset Screenshot

    No effects or processing outside of Serum used!
    What you hear is what you get.

    Combine different presets and craft your own sound

      Combine sounds to achieve perfection

      Use sounds on their own or combine different presets to achieve your own signature sound!

      Don't reinvent the wheel. Easily combine sounds to craft a unique, hit-ready sound.

      Play around with the pre-chosen stacks and combinations of multiple presets by clicking the sounds. These are all unmixed, without any extra effects. Just drag, drop, and play!

      No effects or processing outside of Serum used!
      What you hear is what you get.

      Exclusive: get 2 free bonuses with Car Music Vol. 4

      Bonus 1
      Car Music MIDI Add-On
      (€24 value)

      This MIDI add-on features basslines, chord progressions and melodies to make streamline your production process even further and make hits with ease!

      Bonus 2
      Pop Guitars Vol. 1
      (€39.99 value)

      One of our favourite packs, featuring amazing pop guitar loops, fills, chord progressions and melodies played by professional guitarist Mitchell van Vliet.

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      100% Money-back guarantee!

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      DJ/Producer Duo
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      DJs From Mars

      Remixes for David Guetta, Collabs with Tiësto, 150M+ Streams
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      DJ Mag #98. Releases on Dharma, HEXAGON, Spinnin' Records.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

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